Postcards from the Good New Days

Do you remember the good new days?

  • 8. If I get eaten by a bear, I love you

    10/11/2019 by

    Slyudyanka, August 2019 “If I get eaten by a bear, I love you” They’d written the text already in their mind. And at each corner they turned winding their way up hill, they expected more and more that they’d regret having not sent it. It’s the thought that counts, but the action that’s counted. They’d… Read more

  • Useful Info: The Route *Spoiler alert*

    30/10/2019 by

    Time now, for a useful information interlude. Every now and then, there’s some useful information amongst all the pseudo poetic musings. Now, if you don’t want to know the ending. Or at least, the late-middling, of the trip then stop reading NOW. If you have kept reading then *SPOILER ALERT* they make it to China.… Read more

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